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Amazing tips to select eid dress

Amazing tips to select eid dress

Oct 11th 2021

Eid is that time of the year when women can take as long as they need to get ready and glam the day away. Women plan their Eid outfits weeks before the day and they often spend a lot of money to make the dress look the best.

Accessories to the dress itself, there is a lot that goes into making an Eid outfit shine. Apart from considering what is in trend at the moment, women have to think about what they will feel comfortable with and make the best of the situation.

While accessories, shoes and makeup are all important, finding that perfect Eid dress is very important. Going out and getting a dress you want may not be the best option for you at the moment, which is the reason why this is the best time to get Eid dresses online.

Here are some tips that will help you with selecting the best Eid dress this holiday season.

Choose the Right Colors

Websites such as Avtaar deliver their dresses and accessories all over the world. As Muslims live all over the world, it is very important to get access to a website that will deliver your dresses to your doorstep in time. websites such as Avtaar come in handy in such situations because you need to choose the dress in a color that is appropriate to the season of your country. For example, if you live in a place that is warm then you should look for clothes in lighter tones and vice versa.

Choose the Right Style

You may be tempted to get the clothes that are in trend at the moment, but you should definitely consider your comfort above all. At the moment, both short and long length shirts and kurtas are in trend. However, frocks are also in trend. So, the length of your top does not matter that much. You also have a lot of options to choose from in terms of the bottoms. You can choose from bell bottoms, cigarette pants, trousers and traditional salwar. Choose what makes you feel more like yourself yet still stylish for Eid celebrations.

Choose Your Accessories Wisely

How can you be ready for Eid if you don’t have the right accessories to compliment your clothes? When you are looking for your Eid dress, you need to look for accessories that look good with your outfit entirely. The customary Eid accessories include bangles! A nice set of bangles with karra and glitter is the perfect companion for any Eid dress. Another accessory that you should never ignore is earrings. Jhumkas, studs and even any modern earring will elevate your look further and make you stand out.

If bangles are not your thing, you can also get nice bracelets, hair clips and rings to complete your look. As for the shoes, you need to wear the shoes that you can wear for the long run. While flats are a little boring, they are essential to keep in your car in case your feet get tired. And if you can get away with it, wear some edges, block heels or nice fancy heels for pictures and change out of them later!

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