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History and Origin of Salwar Kameez

History and Origin of Salwar Kameez

Jun 21st 2021

Salwar kameez is a dress that is most commonly worn in Central and South Asian countries. This is a traditional dress worn mostly by women, but there are certain regions where it is also worn by men. The dress is composed of two parts, a salwar is a form of a loose trouser while the kameez is a long (or sometimes short) shirt that is worn by men and women. Women of certain regions wear a scarf called dupatta with it.

Places like Pakistan and India, salwar kameez is a dress that is worn daily in the country by both men and women. Indian salwar kameez and Pakistani salwar suits are the same thing. Other regions have adapted this dress and made it their own according to their cultural preferences.

Here is a brief look into the origin and history of salwar kameez.

The History of Salwar Kameez

There is no exact date or year written down in history for the origins of salwar kameez. This has always been the dress of the laborers and the people from the lower spectrum of the society. You can say that it was the dress of the common men and women, especially of the people living in the rural areas.

The Mughal Era and Its Cultural Implications

You can say that the Mughals had the most impact on how the elite started to see salwar kameez. They made the dress of the common folks more regal, elegant with the addition of expensive materials and embellishments.

The women from the Mughal era wore their salwar kameez made from materials such as brocade, velvet, muslin and silk. Of course, they jazzed the dress up with jewelry and their rare jewels that made their clothes so special.

After that, salwar kameez became very common among both poor and rich. With time, people brought a lot of changes to the dress and modernized it with the flow and trend of the regions. Now, it is sold all over the world in various colors, styles and cuts that make it hard to miss.

Modern Salwar Kameez

The modern salwar kameez is essentially the same, but it is different as well. For example, it now has embroidery, digital prints, prints and is available in varying styles and materials. Thanks to the world becoming a big global community, people living in far off places can easily find salwar kameez online and wear them for special occasions.

The United States of America has a huge Indian and Pakistani community, which is why it is much easier to find salwar kameez online USA than anywhere else. The perks of online salwar kameez shopping is that you can find traditional salwar suits or you can get some very intricately designed modern suits that include palazzo bottoms, sharara, lehengas and more.

Of course, there is a choice for different materials to choose from and you will love the colors now available. This particular dress has come a long way and now it is very much loved.

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