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Jun 4th 2022

India is a country, fortunate to have many cultures and religions. This diversity has blessed our country and its people with many stories, dance forms, paintings and various arts. These different types of arts and crafts are not only loved by us but they are popular all around the world. For example, many people visit Varanasi because of its richness in the history of our ancestors. Among all of these, one craft which has become very popular in modern times are hand embroidery designs. This is because of the detailing in the fabric as hands are used in the process. Another reason why these hand embroidery designs are famous is because of our rich heritage culture. Every region in our country has their own flavour. These flavours can be recognized very easily just by looking at the embroidery design. For example, the hand embroidery designs in Gujarat are more robust and Chikankari from UP is more intricate. Not only these two but every embroidery design produced in India uses a different kind of stitch and style. Also, the fabrics and colours used in the creation of these embroidery designs change with every region. There are many embroidery designs created in India since every region in our country has a unique style. Among all of these, there are some embroidery designs which are loved a lot by Indians and people all over the world. These designs are the most popular ones and no festival or wedding goes without their presence. Salwar kameez has been considered traditional wear for decades, and the origin goes back to the later part of the 12th century in countries like Pakistan and India. The suits are apt to wear for all major occasions. Thanks to the changing fashion trends, designer suits have become one of the most appealing and classy outfits. With various materials like brocade, velvet, crepe, georgette, chiffon, silk, cotton etc., you will love the stuff offered by good fashion brands.

Salwar kameez is that piece of clothing that can be worn on any occasion; you can style it for casual events and dress it up for parties. It is comfortable to carry, and let’s run those daily errands in style. It is an elegant piece of clothing that gives you an Indian touch. It gives you the freedom to style in several different ways. You can play with styling the dupatta in numerous ways. You can even try different kinds of bottoms with a kurta like pants, salwar, patiala, and leggings, to name a few. It looks beautiful and gives a purely sophisticated vibe. Indian clothing is one of the loveliest and lavish stuff, you will not find anywhere else on the planet. The indigenous clothing is usually embellished with beads and sequins, as well as embroidered to match the current style. All this highlights the elegance of the clothing and outfit designs. Salwar suits are pretty prevalent among Indian women and are an excellent way of identifying them. For every Indian woman, Your Designer Wear has some of the most magnificent salwar suit designs. They are meticulously crafted to preserve our culture while encouraging other women of various backgrounds and nationalities to try them. As it stands, salwar suits are also worn by non-Indian women, who have attested to how comfortable and graceful these salwar suits are.

Girls are very particular about fashion and style irrespective of the season. During summer the season, in India when temperatures are above 40 degree it is very hard to decide what type of clothes one should wear that feel easy and comfortable during the afternoon but at the same time girls shouldn’t have to compromise with style and fashion. Today, one of the hottest trends for the summer 2016 is the Patiala Salwar trend-it is easy and comfortable to wear during a hot summer day.

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