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​The Dresses You Need to Check Out for Your Next Occasion

​The Dresses You Need to Check Out for Your Next Occasion

Team Avtaar on Oct 5th 2020


A short kurta is known as a Kurti in modern usage, which is worn by females. If we check the traditional meaning of a regular Kurti, it means jackets, waistcoats, and blouses. These jackets, waistcoats, and blouses when worn sit above your waist, and they do not have side slits. It is believed that this tradition came from the tunics of the Shunga period from the 2nd century B.C. Kurti is different from choli as when you wear this; then the midriff is exposed. We make Kurtis of many different types. But our specialty is Indian Kurti and Pakistani Kurti. We provide all the kinds of Kurtis that fall under these types. Nowadays, women love to wear designer Kurti, but many women can't afford them as they are quite expensive, but our designer Kurtis are a bit cheaper than the designer Kurti from the market. We provide the best Kurtis so that you can wear a Kurti for fashion.


Salwar Kameez

Salwar kameez is a traditional combination that is worn in many countries. Most people prefer to wear cotton salwar kameez. Women mostly wear it, but it is also worn by men of South Asia and Central Asia. The salwar is a trouser wide from the waist but gets narrow to the bottom and is cuffed from the bottom. They are worn by adding a drawstring or an elastic belt to be held up at the waist. Kameez is a long shirt identical to a tunic. We provide salwar kameez of different styles, whether it has a baggy salwar or a narrow salwar. The kameez we provide is mostly flat, and it is cut in straight. There are two major types of salwar kameez, Indian salwar kameez and Pakistani salwar kameez, and we provide both of them. We provide the best salwar kameez online.

Designer Suit

A designer suit is an expensive and luxury suit. It is considered a high-quality suit made with high-quality material. These suits are made for those people who love luxury. The product's quality is not always high, but the price is still high as they are made for the elite class. But we believe in quality so that you won't get a low-quality designer dress from us. The fabric quality used in our designer dresses is better than other designer dresses in the market. Many people prefer Indian designer dresses because they do not compromise on the clothing, so we use the best Indian cloth, which lasts longer than usual. We provide gorgeous dresses online, which are way better than other designers.

Lehenga Choli

Different names know lehenga choli in various places like ghagra choli and chaniya choli. Lehenga choli is the traditional dress for women in India. People can also be seen wearing Indian lehenga in Nepal. A choli is a blouse, and a lehenga is a type of long skirt. We make many different types of gorgeous lehenga cholis for many different purposes; for example, if you want a lehenga choli for a party, you can get yourself a party wear lehenga choli from us. If you are a fan of clothes with much work, you can buy a heavy work lehenga, which is our specialty. Many famous designers are also making designer lehenga choli that are a bit expensive, but the ones we make are amazing and cheaper comparatively.

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