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Tips to select the perfect salwar suits for different occasions

Tips to select the perfect salwar suits for different occasions

Feb 26th 2021

Salwar kameez is one of the most traditional and beautiful dresses. Choosing salwar kameez for different occasions is an art because there are many types of salwar kameez available in the market today. This dress had gained popularity in India and Pakistan when it was first introduced in the late 20th century.

Salwar kameez is a daily wear dress and with some special additions in design and cloth make this dress perfect for every type of occasion. If you are looking for a perfect salwar suit for different occasions, then keep reading this article. We have jotted down a few tips to make your event perfect.


Daytime and Nighttime Events

There are tremendous salwar kameez brands that it is very convenient to find a perfect dress for you. The selection of salwar kameez for different occasions depends on the type of events as well. For day events selection of colors and selection of cloth is different as compared to nighttime events.

In Night events, vibrant colors are the best choice, and for daytime events, light colors are best. As far as Birthday parties are concerned, if you are looking to wear salwar kameez, then choosing a frock is best. The size of the frock varies with fashion. There was a time when long frocks were popular, and now short and long both are trendy. So, trends in salwar kameez change with seasons.


Know your body shape

Moreover, you should know about the size of your dress. Most designers make dresses according to the standard chart. Before buying a salwar kameez, make sure to get a size chart from the buyer. So, that may cause any trouble later.

So, before buying, know about your body shape. People are born with specific body shapes, and it is good to do some research online to know about your body shape as there is a pear-shaped body, rectangle-shaped body, and hourglass-shaped body.

For a pear-shaped body, salwar kameez such as Punjabi salwar kameez, churidar, and Anarkali suits are best. Choosing soft and smooth fabric is best so that you may not look bulky. If your body is hourglass-shaped, then you can carry any dress with flat pajamas.

Trousers kurta with jeans are the best choice for young and slim girls, and for girls with the apple-shaped body, Anarkali dress is best. Furthermore, for Rectangular shaped body full-lengths, salwar kameez and Kurtis is the best choice.


Salwar Suits for Different Ceremonies

The selection of salwar kameez for different occasions is the most exciting part for girls in any event preparation if you want to select a salwar suit for weddings, select salwar kameez with beautiful embroidery and attractive colors.

Weddings consist of different events, and every event has its charm and dress selection. There are specific colors and specific embroidery for mehndi events, and it varies with the different days of the event. Choose the fabric carefully according to season requirements if you want to stay comfortable. Fabrics like cotton lawn are good to go in summer, and linen, khadar, and chiffon are best in winter.

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