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Various Types of Salwar Suits Designs for Serious Fashionistas.

Various Types of Salwar Suits Designs for Serious Fashionistas.

Jan 12th 2022

A woman’s wardrobe will definitely have at least one salwar suit. There is no doubt in this saying because there is no better way to prep up for a wedding or festival. Salwar suits are our go-to. Wearing a lehenga all the time may kill the moment for you but owning a salwar suit won’t ever hurt. We understand that your mind must be boggling every time an occasion comes closer. But here is a trick for you. This quick guide of latest trends and different types of salwar suit will have you covered.

When in doubt, always go for a salwar suit,’ is what almost all fashion and lifestyle bloggers have to say about having an emergency outfit in your wardrobe for all those last minute parties, hang out plans or having surprise guests over with only a moments’ notice before they pop over to your place.

Salwar suits are the best outfit to wear for any occasion, be it to the office, to a party or just for lazing around your house. And every fashionista worth her mettle must have a few good pairs of salwar suits to have her back for situations when jeans, pants and shirts are just not working out.

If you are still confused about wearing a salwar suit to important occasions, then remember what Guru Randhawa said, ‘tenu suit suit karda!’ and make it your holy truth. All you need to do now is kick back with your laptop, as we bring these amazing salwar suit picks for you from the vast clothing selection of Kalki Fashions who are known for their tasteful designs and out of the box ideas, which will really add that wow factor which was missing from your wardrobe!

Splurge on these Sharara suits or just look at them and save them for later. The Sharara Suit has made a comeback for the most obvious reasons. They are simply spectacular for festivals, weddings, and Indian pre-wedding ceremonies. Comfortable if you want to shake a leg and they are sure chic. Some let’s get on the countdown of the most beautiful ones.

1. Beige georgette sharara suit with a contrast traditional Dupatta adds a certain charm to it and hence is on this list. The embroidered foliage patterns on the yoke, sleeves, and lower part of the Sharara are just phenomenal.

2. Sharara Suit is the definition of Indian ethnic style. The scallop ends, beautiful color combination, intricate embroidery, and a beautiful diva, like you wearing it mean it is on the trending list.

3.This embroidered number is for those attending weddings. They are perfect for that kind of event. The heavy intricate embroidery will make sure that you are one of the shining stars there.

4.Every woman must own a dress and this is the Indian version of it. Embroidery on black georgette fabric. Do I need to say anything more?

5. Party wears Sharara Suit is definitely one of a kind with all that striking embroidery and sequins work. People would have to be blind to not fall in love with this one.

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